The MassIndia Partnership aims to be a direct channel dedicated to promoting and strengthening thought leadership, business, investment, entrepreneurship, technology and trade relations between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and India. With its wide and dynamic network of entrepreneurs, companies, business executives, investors, service providers and governmental relationships, the MassIndia Partnership provides a networking platform for joint venture programs between the two communities.

Bringing together two of world’s foremost innovators – India, with more than two decades of economic liberalization, coupled with robust domestic demand, a growing middle class, a young population and a high return on investment; Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the thought leadership capital and the strongest economy in US – the MassIndia Partnership strives to be the mainline between Massachusetts-based groups looking to invest and start doing business in India.

Equally so, we pride ourselves on being able to connect business groups and startups in India with both investors and mentors in the United States helping them scale internationally by creating a second home in the Commonwealth with access to the quality talent and support structure. Furthermore, through our experience hosting corporate and business delegations in a multitude of sectors including the defense and security realms, we are able in concert with both state and local city government to facilitate efforts for Indian corporates to create and develop innovation labs and corporate venture arms here in the Commonwealth, one of the world’s leading technology and innovation clusters in the world.

Through networking events, personalized introductions, mentorship programs, investment forums, roundtables, educational seminars and trade delegations, the MassIndia Partnership contributes to a stronger business and commercial alliance between Massachusetts and India.